We concentrate on the route so that you may enjoy the destination.


If you are relocating to a new state, you will need all of your valuable and worldly goods to arrive safely.

We have relocated thousands of clients from coast to coast in the United States, as well as innumerable towns in between.

Your long distance relocation with HOME2HOME will be a hassle-free experience since we are a fully insured, state and federally compliance mover with a great safety record.

Cross-country moving services that are punctual and on budget

Long Distance MovingĀ 


To match your budget and deadlines, we provide two cross-country long distance moving options: combined shipping and special express long distance moving.

Contact our staff to explore the best choice for you.

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1. Consolidated Shipping

Consolidated Shipment is the most cost-effective alternative if time is of the essence and money is limited. Each vehicle is shared by a few clients, and your things are identified and tracked safely and precisely. The shipment must be ready for delivery during the specified time frame. This delivers all of the benefits of exporting your belongings to your new place at a lesser cost.

2. Exclusive Express Long Distance MovingĀ 

If you need to move quickly and want complete control over your drop-off dates, our Exclusive Express Long Distance Moving Service is an excellent choice. We reserve the complete truck trailer for your consignment. With direct delivery, you may select your preferred pick-up and drop-off dates.