Office and business moving services with full insurance

We are a full-service moving company that specializes in both residential and business office moves.

We will transfer your business fast and securely, whether it is a tiny start-up office leaving a co-working space or a massive corporate headquarters with 100 workstations downtown. Move your firm with the knowledge that the best moving company in NYC is handling your important office supplies.

Because of our efficiency and attention, we have been trusted to relocate NYC businesses.

  • We have extensive expertise dealing with NYC-specific moving factors such as traffic changes, parking limits, weather, difficult building entry, tight walk ups, and elevator booking constraints.
  • We offer one of the best-kept and finest trucking operations on the East Coast, with satellite tracking for your valuables’ safekeeping.
  • We are New York’s only insured 24/7 moving business, so we can relocate your workplace overnight, on the weekend, or during holidays.
  • We will handle your Certificate of Insurance obligations, which are included in your flat moving price.

A tailored Office Move Plan that matches your needs

Our staff will create your unique thorough company Relocation Plan, which will include a company relocation checklist, a detailed confirmation of your new floor plan, office packing suggestions, and specific steps regarding what to expect before and during the move.

We will also visit to your workplace for an on-site session with the key person who is coordinating the moving project, so they are fully prepared to secure internal permission and prepare your staff. We manage all aspects of your workplace relocation.

In an office transfer, we commonly pack and relocate the following items:

  • Logos and signs
  • Shelves and cabinets for storage
  • Displays, speakers, printers, and other electronic equipment
  • Workstations, seats, conference tables, and other furnishings
  • Plates and cutlery are among the kitchen necessities.
  • Stationery and other office supplies
  • Employee items are numbered and organized by zone.
  • Mobile lighting
  • Special handling is required for oversized machinery.
  • Valuable or historical documents and reports in hard copy

Moving your critically important technology in a secure manner

Every company is now a technological company. Phones, desktop displays, hard disks, computer hardware, TVs, server racks, electronic conference smart whiteboards, and any other digital pieces of equipment specific to your service offering are all essential parts of your business.

We have extensive expertise packing and managing delicate and crucial business technology goods. HOME2HOME movers employ special packaging wraps and boxes for these products to ensure they arrive at your new workplace in one piece. We also collaborate with a reputable technology partner that can assist you in setting up your equipment in your new  workplace.