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Our flexible service is ideal for your small moving.

Do you require some kind of help? Home2Home accepts mini, partial, and even small moves. New Yorkers hire us to relocate a modest load of stuff for a nominal fee.

Our Small Move service is ideal for clients that need to relocate a single item or a few things, such as roommates, students transferring dorms, or a few items of furniture to a new home. We are quick and available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to assist you with your minor relocation. We’re inexpensive and efficient:  let the experts handle the planning, logistics, and even packing for your little move.

What exactly is a small move?

Here are some examples of common modest moves that we have aided with. Please contact us and let our team know how we may assist you with your specific small relocation needs:

  • Renters who need to make room for abroad guests and store their belongings for a month while they’re visiting
  • Large, difficult-to-move things that will not fit in a minivan or a rental building elevator and require expert handling
  • Part-moving requests, such as large, heavy, and precious goods that must be professionally packed and secured while you do the rest, are accepted.
  • Undergraduate students residing in student housing who need to carry their stuff to storage or back home
  • Families that have accumulated a large number of possessions over the years and wish to free up room by storing items rather than moving.
  • Roommates who wish to relocate a few single goods, such as a sofa or a mattress.

When a mover’s assistance is required, no job is too small or too large for Home 2 Home.